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All visually displayed text involves typography – whether it’s on a computer...

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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The Basics

Words have to mean. The type has spirit. The combination is spectacular.

Typography is everywhere we look. In the books we read, the ads we see, or the internet we use. It’s become a part of our digital life.

As Ed Benguiat puts it “I do not think of type as something that should be readable. It should be beautiful.” Type should not only be a group of letters it should also be impressive. If a book has fonts and letters haphazardly no one will have the interest to look at it. Whereas a book that has been worked well by the designers, and printers will be pleasing to the eye.This helps in the storyline and get people pressed to their chairs reading the book, even if it’s a thousand pages.

Typography is the art of working with texts. Probably something that you do every time. If you are someone working with texts for a blog, content marketing or just a school project for the kid look forward to using typography in the best way possible. It should leave a mark in the minds of the viewer. They should be able to visualize what the ad or the author meant. If it does so, then type wins.

What exactly isTypography?

In simple words, typography is the style or appearance of text. It’s the art to make written text legible, and appealing. Typography is derived from the Greek words typos=”impression” and graphia=”writing”. Line-spacing, letter-spacing, typefaces, point sizes, line lengths all are a part of typography One is missing and the whole design or article will be a waste. Typography can be mechanical and manual. Where manual will be calligraphy and handwriting and mechanical would be typefaces, design, and application.

Using the right font at the right time is also important. Just think of a formal party invite. The first thing that comes to our mind is the look. The invite is full of words and the words are in a font. The font we would expect is a formal ‘Serif’ font. But if typography is not in play and the invitation is scribbled with words it doesn’t give a good impression.Typography is not just the fonts there’s more to the name.


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